About Us

Sincharta© was built and developed from the ideas and views of people who provide, manage and administer support and therapeutic services to clients.

It was created from the bottom up, starting from the needs of people who are actually involved in the delivery of services and has been designed by a small group of technical experts consulting with them.  The discussions and design began in 2008 in response to the needs of organisations and practitioners becoming increasingly frustrated and concerned about the burden of growing administrative challenges in delivering services. The operational issues of support services were becoming increasingly complicated; insurance companies, funders, data protection concerns, requirements from professional bodies, clients need for reassurances that reliable systems were in place. All of these growing demands necessitated solutions that reflect updating organisational governance.
The design emerged from the growing expectation for high standards of governance in all aspects of a service including managing files and client data in ways which are respectful, meet professional standards for confidentiality, are in keeping with data protection legislation and are environmentally friendly. Practical considerations had to include agencies which delivered their services from different locations, including sites which could not guarantee security where staff felt forced to keep files with them and to transport them to and from their place of work, adding to the security risk.

The development team aimed to create one unified solution which could also accommodate the management of diaries, processing invoices, creating statistical reports and ensuring protected confidentiality. After 2 years of development work what emerged is an easy to use highly secure programme called Sincharta©; literally “without paper”. From these small beginnings we now have a tried and tested system used by hundreds of different practitioners.

The current version of Sincharta is version 3a and we are committed to continually improving the functionality it provides to users. To that end your comments and recommendations are always welcome so please feel free to give us feedback and ideas.
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