Confidentiality and Security

Confidentiality and security of information are particular strengths of the Sincharta system. A specialised,  customised encoding scheme has been put in place rather than a standard form of encryption. This ensures that the data which is recorded using this system is considerably more protected than any information you might store on a computer at work or at home.

This level of protection for notes and demographic data provides users and organisations with high levels of security so they can have confidence that the client notes, demographic data, clinical assessment scores, on-going measures of client’s progress and formal reports are all protected from access-without-permission.

The security protocols allow only the person with the appropriate password to access confidential notes from the site. This security ensures that that client’s notes are protected from being scrutinised by anyone who does not have that authority.

When the notes are recoded on the system they are date stamped and time stamped and once recorded they cannot be changed; new notes can be added but the original notes remain. The level of security provides the person with proof of when the notes are made and if the notes are ever required by a third party (for example by court order) then the authenticity of the notes is in evidence.

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