Managing Services

Sincharta offers a breakthrough in management and administration.

Now it is possible for Administrators to allocate clients, add demographic information, monitor diaries and support the work of the practitioner but without compromising the confidentiality of clinical notes.

Diary Management

The administrator is able to manage the service irrespective of where the service is being delivered from. This system allows diaries to be viewed by the practitioner and the administrator and it registers if sessions are cancelled or missed.

Demographic Information

Gathering and storing demographic information about services can be of value: it allows a service to review access policies and outreach agendas, it helps when reviewing how a service reflects the community it is designed to support, it keeps a record of the profile of those who use the service. The practitioner and the administrator are jointly able to contribute to the data set

Automatic Invoicing

Where associates are used and invoicing is required, Sincharta automatically generates and emails an invoice to any nominated person (e.g. finance manager) when a client file is closed.
This ensures that office systems are not waiting for invoices to be generated by the practitioner who no longer has this additional task to complete. Sincharta automatically calculates the invoice total by multiplying the number of sessions by the session rate.
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